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1.11 Procedure for Updating this Manual

If you have any changes or additions which you wish to be included in the next update please send them to:

Blackburn with Darwen:



Please do not circulate new/updated procedures by any other format, such as email or circulation of paper copies, as this can cause problems with version control. All current procedures should be accessed via this manual. Where new/amended procedures become available in between scheduled updates, it may be possible to upload them into the manual on a temporary basis in PDF format, to be formatted during the next scheduled update. Use the contacts above to facilitate this.

The table of amendments in the Quick Guide includes a comprehensive list of the updated and new chapters for each  edition of the manual and the nature of the amendments.

Where the manual has been updated, if a chapter has been significantly amended or is new, it will be indicated in the Contents List and at the top of the relevant chapter.

Note that all amendments to existing chapters MUST BE MADE USING TRACK CHANGES – THEY CANNOT BE PROCESSED OTHERWISE. For further information, please see the Guidance for Customers on Editing Chapters and Providing Feedback to tri.x.

If you ‘Register for Updates’ by clicking on the blue button on the left hand tab, you will be notified by email whenever any updates are made to the manual.