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5.28 Licensed Premises

  1. Holders of premises licences, club certificates and personal licences have a statutory responsibility to promote the protection of children from harm in and in the vicinity of their premises and should consider the need to protect children from sexual exploitation when undertaking licensing functions;
  2. The protection of children from harm requires the proactive involvement (and sometimes training) of licensees, management and staff to ensure that the needs of under 18's are considered and addressed in the day-to-day operation of the premises. Family-friendly premises benefit from a loyal customer base with time and money to spend, but like anybody customers have their own set of needs. Premises that want to profit by catering for families must ensure the way they operate meets the needs of under 18s;
  3. There are premises which will want to provide activities that are not suitable for children and those children and young people will therefore be excluded:
    • From the area of the premises where the activities take place;
    • From the premises as a whole;
    • At the time the activities take place; or
    • At all times.
  4. Licensees have a responsibility to ensure that where children are excluded, they do not become victims of crime, disorder, nuisance or poor safety standards originating in the premises and spilling out into the local vicinity;
  5. All licensing applications should be screened by officers from Children's Social Care on behalf of the Children's Safeguarding Assurance Partnership;
  6. The Portman Group offers substantial advice and suggestions related to steps licensees can undertake which directly relate to promoting the licensing objectives including but not limited to age identification schemes.